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I’ve always wanted to get up this one! Mount of the Holy Cross, 14,005’

photo: Jenny Jurek

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Don’t think, just run.
My coach; he says he’ll do all the thinking for us (via arunnerforever)

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Another half is calling my name, so I must take advantage of this digital realm once again and document and hold myself accountable for my training! 

Last week was my first week of training and with being semi-fit, with hiking, biking and yoga, I would say week 1 was a success! 


Mon      Tues      Wedn.      Thur      Fri         Sat      Sun

Rest      3 mi        3 mi        Rest      3 mi       4 mi.    Cross(hike and yoga)

My last half-marathon I ran a 2:08, which is an awesome time, in my opinion. This time around I would love to meet my goal of a 2:00. It ain’t gonna be easy, but I have to work hard and not be a wimp about it. 

Mean streets of Portland, I’m coming for ya!

Simple lunch with a side of Kombucha.


I just biked six miles from work —-> home. So, naturally I come home, eat half a loaf of baked banana bread slathered in Justin’s honey peanut butter for dinner and you know what….



i feel uncomfortable when people say PB instead of PR like do you want me to make you a peanut butter sandwich?

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